Getting Started
  • FREE Copy of Commercial Real Estate for Beginners Book
  • Introduction
  • Peter Harris' Life Story
  • Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies
  • 5 Best Commercial Real Estate Types for Individual Investors
  • Analyzing Commercial Real Estate Quickly and Easily
  • Using a Letter of Intent for Making Offers on Commercial Deals
  • The Master Lease Agreement - Part 1
  • The Master Lease Agreement - Part 2
  • Funding Commercial Real Estate Deals
Investing in Apartments
  • Apartment Investing for Beginners
  • Why Apartments are Good for Beginners
  • 7 Things to Look Out For
  • 3 Areas Beginners Go Wrong!
  • My First Apartment Deal
  • Action Plan for Buying Your First Apartment Deal
How to Buy Your First Multi Family Apartment Building
  • How to Buy Your First Multi Family Apartment Building
  • Benefits of Small Multi Family Apartments
  • How to Create Deal Flow
  • Why Start with 5 Plexes, Not 4 Plexes
  • 5 Ways to Finance Your First Deal
Apartment Loans 101
  • Apartment Loans 101
  • 2 Ways Apartment Loans differ from Residential Mortgages
  • How to Qualify for an Apartment Loan
  • What Apartment Lenders Like and Dislike
  • 10 Step Apartment Loan Process
  • Apartment Loans Available Today
Investing in Self Storage Properties
  • Self Storage Investing for Beginners
  • Why Invest in Self Storage Facilities
  • Finding Self Storage Deals
  • 3 Main Facility Types and 2 Main Deal Types
  • 2 Biggest Myths of Self Storage Investing
  • How Funding Works for Self Storage Deals
  • 7 Things to Look For
  • Analyzing a Real Self Storage Deal
Investing in Shopping Centers
  • Shopping Center Investing for Beginners
  • Types of Shopping Centers
  • 4 Critical Things to Know About Shopping Center Investing
  • 3 Most Common Shopping Center Leases
  • Why Investors LOVE Triple Net Investments
  • Shopping Center Investment Guidelines
Investing in Mobile Home Parks
  • Mobile Home Park Investing for Beginners
  • 2 Types of and 5 Figures that Demonstrate Demand for Mobile Home Parks
  • Why Invest in and 3 Misconceptions of Mobile Home Parks
  • 5 Tips on What to Look For and 3 BIG No-Nos
  • How and Where to Find Mobile Home Park Deals
  • 3 Most Common Ways to Finance Your First Mobile Home Park
Investing in Office Buildings
  • Office Building Investing for Beginners
  • 4 Reasons to Invest in Office Buildings
  • Big Difference Between Office Buildings and Residential Real Estate
  • 3 Office Building Basics
  • Different Types of Office Buildings
  • 10 Key Office Building Investing Terms You Must Know
  • ABCs of Office Building Leases
  • Possible Office Building Pitfalls
  • Most Important Thing when Choosing an Office Building Tenant
  • Top 3 Trends in Office Buildings
Property Management
  • How to Find and Hire a Property Manager Introduction
  • 3 Goals of a Property Manager
  • 3 Advantages of Having the Right Property Manager
  • Single Most Important Thing to Look For in a Property Manager
  • 3 Ways to Find a Great Property Manager
  • Initial Property Manager Interview Questions
  • Top 3 Red Flags When Evaluating a Property Manager
  • 3 Tips on Managing Your Property Manager
  • Action Steps for Finding and Hiring a Property Manager
Avoiding Bad Commercial Real Estate Deals
  • Avoiding Bad Commercial Real Estate Deals Introduction
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  • UGLY Side of Commercial Real Estate
  • Secret to Success in Commercial Real Estate
  • Conclusion