• The best kept business secret
  • Warning: you will start to see copywriting everywhere
  • This course is designed for you
  • Focus On Them
  • Are you getting to know your readers?
  • The secret of persuasive copy
  • Are you talking to one person?
  • Every copywriting piece has one goal
  • The secret of getting readers to take an action
  • Here's a quick way to get your reader to trust you
  • 15 seconds of your feedback
  • The Secret Of Headlines
  • How to write powerful headlines
  • Little known ways to write effective headlines
  • How to come up with the perfect headline
  • Real World Examples: Book Titles
Body copy
  • How AIDA made me more persuasive
  • Who else wants to write more interesting copy?
  • How to get over writer's block and write great copy
  • How to persuade your reader
  • The secret of different readership paths
  • How long should your copy be?
  • Make your copy easier to read
  • Warning: use correct grammar
  • Summary of everything you have learned
  • How to quickly become a better copywriter
  • How these books made me an effective copywriter
  • Thank you
Extra Material
  • Module 1: Slides
  • Module 2: Slides
  • Module 3: Slides
  • Module 4: Slides
  • Module 5: Slides
  • Module 6: Slides
Bonuses To Help You Thrive As A New Online Business Owner
  • How-To Build An Online Business Without Technology Getting In The Way
  • The Hero With A Dream