Preparing for the course
  • Introduction
  • Selecting your image
  • Selecting your tools
Starting the drawing
  • Drawing proportions with basic shapes
  • Feeling in or sketching the Fantail
Using tone to make the Fantail appear three dimensional
  • Thinking about subject tone and light source tone
  • Tone on the Fantail
  • Tone the branch
Adding the fine tones to the drawing
  • Fine tone on the fantail's face
  • Fine tone on the Fantail's wing
  • Fine tone on the Fantail's tail
  • Fine tone on the branch
Adding texture to the drawing
  • Texture on the Fantail
  • Texture on the branch
Adding the fine details
  • Fine details on the wing
  • Fine details on the tail
  • Fine details on the feet
  • Fine details on the beak
  • Fine details on the eye
  • Conclusion