Happiness and you
  • Eudaimonic and Hedonic Happiness
  • Types of happiness
  • Reality is an Illusion
  • Hypothesis
  • Discover your Paradigms
  • Paradigms
  • Understand your Assumptions
  • Separate Values from Hidden Needs
  • Needs or Values
  • Balance your Trilogy
  • Understand your Trilogy
Happiness and your history
  • Fall in Love with Your Story
  • Falling in Love with your Story
  • Fall in Love with your Childhood
  • Falling in Love with your Childhood
  • Turn your Difficulties Around
Happiness in the context
  • You, your Best Product
  • The Power of Friends
  • Friends
  • Keep the Magic
  • Keep the magic
Exercises (Optional)
  • Exercises
  • What we know about happiness