• Welcome to this course
  • My background
  • What you will learn in this course
  • An example of a constellation
  • The core of family constellation - Differences to other methods
  • Why do constellations work? - The mystery of the „knowing field“
  • The ground of constellation work: Order, Energy and Facts
  • Order 1: In a constellation there is an adequate and right place for everyone
  • Order 2: Parents are “big”, children are “small”
  • Order 3: Everybody in a family belongs to the family - nobody should be excluded
  • Order 4: Everybody has to carry his own life, fate and death
  • Confusion about family roles is normal
  • In each family - deepdown - there is an enormous love and loyalty
  • What is the effect of a family constellation?
  • There are many different ways to moderate family constellations
  • There are many forms of constellations
  • Dangers and limits of family constellations
Final Section
  • Your attitude towards life – and how this is connected to your family
  • Information beyond this course
  • Gift Video from Master Course: Your image of your family