• Welcome to the course!
  • The Successful Seller Mindset
  • Introduction to Amazon FBA
  • 90-Day Goal Planning
Find a Product
  • How to Find Profitable Products
  • How to Validate Product Ideas
  • How to Choose a Product to Sell
  • How to Calculate Profit on Amazon
  • How to Make Your Product Stand Out
Source Your Product
  • How to Find Suppliers with Alibaba
  • The Ultimate Sourcing Hack
  • How to Negotiate with Suppliers
  • How to Order Samples
  • How to Place Your First Order
  • How to Ship Your Products from China
Launch Your Product
  • Building Your First Listing
  • Adding Photos to Your Listing
  • Ranking Your Product on Page 1
Scale Your Business
  • How to Scale Fast with Variations
  • How to Crush Your Competitors
Success Moving Forward
  • Your Success Toolkit
  • Time to Take Action