• Before we start
Getting to know the Tosca User Interface
  • The user interface
  • How to modify windows
  • Use perspectives to keep layouts
  • Discover options, settings and the Tosca Online Help
  • Questions on the user interface
The test process in Tosca
  • The basic test process
  • See how the test process looks like in Tosca
  • Questions on the test process
Managing risks with requirements
  • Creating a requirements structure
  • Weighting requirements
  • Questions on requirements management
  • Exercises for you
Create the test cases you need with test case design
  • The basics of TestCaseDesign
  • How to put TestCaseDesign to work
  • Combine the right test data using linear expansion
  • Link TestCaseDesign with requirements
  • Exercises for you
Building test cases
  • How to use manual test cases
  • Questions on TestCase-Design and manual test cases
Creating modules - the magic automation substance
  • Create modules
  • Handle modules like an expert
  • Questions on modules
  • Exercises for you
Working with test cases
  • Use ActionModes to determine what should be tested
  • Verify properties with Tosca
  • A brief introduction to table steering
  • The advantage of dynamic values
  • Questions on test cases
  • Exercises for you
Executing test cases
  • Put everything into execution lists
  • Link execution lists with requirements
  • Use the scratchbook to build your tests
  • Questions on test execution
  • How to execute manual test cases
  • Questions on manual testing
  • Exercises for you
  • You've mastered the first steps...