• Introduction
Before the Interview
  • Before the Interview
During the Interview
  • During the Interview - Overview
  • Q: Tell us about yourself & your experience
  • Q: What is the most important artifact in PM Lifecycle?
  • Q: Walk us through a process of starting a new project.
  • Q: What is your highest achievement as a PM?
  • Q: What is a Critical Path?
  • Q: What project management software do you have experience with?
  • Q: What is WBS and how do you go about preparing it?
  • Q: Explain the process or the concept of Baselining
  • Q: How do you go about Risk Planning / Risk Management?
  • Q: Do you have experience Managing Budgets / Forecasting / ROI / CAPEX vs OPEX?
  • Q: Do you understand the role of the Business Analyst/Sponsor/Stakeholder
  • Q: What is the purpose of RACI chart?
Healthcare Questions
  • Section: Healthcare Questions
  • Q: What is HL7?
  • Q: What is PQRS/QCDR? Give us examples of projects.
  • Q: What is QPP/MIPS Quality Reporting?
  • Q: What is HIE?
  • Q: What is RCM?
  • Q: Electronic Health Records / Electronic Medical Records Systems experience.
Personality Questions
  • Q: If we were to call your manager today, what would they say you need to improv
  • Q: How do you handle pressure and difficult situations?
  • Q: How do you handle multiple projects, multiple priorities?
  • Q: How do you handle difficult stakeholders who change their scope/requirements?
  • Q: What are/did you leave your current employer?
  • Q: What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from it?
Summary Material
  • Summary of Key Lessons
  • Key Lessons
  • List of All Questions covered in this course