Getting Started with HTML5
  • What Is HTML?
  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Getting the Browser
  • Getting the Editor
  • Setting Up the Editor
The Basics of HTML5
  • HTML5 Structure - Creating 'Hello World'
  • The DOM
  • Customizing the Editor
  • Self Closing Tags
  • Validation
  • Commenting Code
Block Level Elements
  • Block Level Elements
Line Breaks and Spacing
  • Line Breaks and Spacing
Inline Elements
  • Span Element and Text Modifiers
  • Anchors
  • Linking to the Top of a Page
  • Images
Tables and Forms
  • Tables
  • The Basics of Forms
  • Placeholder vs. Value
  • Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, the Select Element and Textareas
  • New HTML5 Input Types
  • HTML5 Input Attributes
  • Action Attribute
  • GET vs. POST
  • Using an Image for the Submit Button
Project: Creating a Hotel Booking Form
  • Project: Creating a Hotel Booking Form
Semantic HTML5 Elements
  • HTML5 Semantics
  • Meter and Progress Elements
Working with HTML5 Multimedia
  • Introduction to HTML5 Audio
  • Introduction to HTML5 Video
  • Conclusion
Bonus Material
  • Bonus Lecture