• Introduction
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Herbal First Aid
  • Which Teas are the Most Essential
  • Ingredients for Teas
  • The Details of Making a Medicinal Tea
  • What Essential Oils are Worth Putting into the First-aid Kit
  • Make a Lavender Spray
  • List of Teas and Essential Oils for First Aid
  • Resources
Kitchen Medicine
  • Garlic: The BEST Remedy to have on Hand
  • Garlic: The Many Uses
  • Garlic: Making Pickled Garlic
  • Ginger: Joint Health, Nausea, Colds and PMS
  • Ginger: Make a Chai Tea
  • Chai Tea Recipe
Cold & Flu Remedies
  • Make Fire Cider for Congestion
  • Fire Cider Recipe
  • Make a Tasty and Warming Ginger Tea
Herbs for Energy
  • Ultimate Energy with Power Paste
  • Power Paste Recipe
  • Resources for Ingredients and Supplies
  • Bonus