What Does A SQL Server DBA Do? Let's Define The Various Roles.
  • This Course Is About How To Start Our DBA Journey
  • Is This Course For You? Should You Take This Course?
  • I've Been A Production DBA For Over A Decade. Let Me Show You How To Start.
  • The Truth About Your First Job. Think Windows Administrator or Developer.
  • What Is A Relational Database? How Do The Tables Relate To One Another?
  • The ACID Properties. Pay Attention Here. Memorize The Bolded Definition.
  • The Various Jobs That Fall Under The SQL Server DBA Umbrella.
  • A Look Into The Daily Routine. A Day In The Life Of A Production DBA.
  • What Interest's You? The Two Forks In The Road.
  • Let's Wrap Up This Section. A Brief Summary of What We've Learned.
  • Section 1 Quiz
Installation and Configuration. Let's Talk About Versions and Do An Install.
  • Let's Download SQL Server Express. The Free Version.
  • What Are The Editions of SQL Server? Each Release Has Different Editions.
  • The System Databases
  • SQL Server Configuration Manager. A Definition and Some Terminology.
  • Section 2 Summary
  • Section 2 Quiz
Working With The Table Object. Let's Talk About The Most Important Object.
  • Let's Walk Through The SQL Panes. Most DBAs Like Only Three.
  • Table Basics Part 1
  • Table Basics Part 2
  • What Are Data Types. We Define Our Structured Data Using Data Types
  • How Is Data Stored In SQL Server. Let's Talk About Pages and Extents.
  • Section 3 Summary
  • Section 3 Quiz
Transact-SQL. The Language of SQL Server. We Need To Speak It.
  • Data Manipulation Language VS Data Definition Langague
  • The Very Basics Of The SELECT Statement. This Is Where We Start.
  • Section 4 Summary
  • Section 4 Quiz
Security. Let's Talk About The Fundamentals of SQL Server Security.
  • We First Need To Create A Login. Then Create The User At The Database Level
  • Section 5 Summary
  • Section 5 Quiz
Backing Up and Restoring. The Most Important Thing You'll Do as a DBA
  • Basic Database Architecture
  • What Are Recovery Models?
  • What Are The Backup Options For A SQL Server Database
  • Why The Full Backup Is So Important
  • Full Backup: Demonstration
  • Differential Backup: Demonstration
  • Transaction Log Backup: Demonstration
  • Creating A Very Simple Maintenance Plan For Our Backups
  • Removing Unwanted Backup and Log Files
  • Backup Strategies For Real World Boxes
  • Section 6 Summary
  • Section 6 Quiz
Conclusion. Let's Talk About What We've Learned.
  • Congratulations and Thank You!
  • Bonus Lecture "10 Things Every Production SQL Server Should have"