Build This Awesome $2,500+ Website in 60 Minutes
  • Take a Look at The Beautiful Website We'll Be Building in the Course
How To Get A Huge Discount on Our Web Hosting
  • Grabbing our Domain Name and Web Hosting at a Huge Discount
Installing WordPress in Just A Few Clicks
  • Install WordPress in Just a Few Clicks and Log in To Our Website
Cleaning Up The Sample Content
  • Deleting the Sample Content So We Start Out With a Clean Slate
Taking a Tour of the WordPress Dashboard and Making our URLs SEO Friendly
  • Taking a Tour of the WordPress Dashboard and Setting SEO Friendly Permalinks
Spicing Up Our Site With A Beautiful Theme
  • Changing the Boring Default WordPress Theme To Something Awesome
Making Our Site Look Awesome With a Premium Website Logo and Site Icon
  • Spice Up Your Site with a Custom Logo and Icon - Free Premium Logos Available
Customizing the Footer and Adding Those Important Social Buttons
  • Customize the Footer Content and Adding Those Important Social Links
Customizing Our Homepage With A Groovy Parallax Effect
  • Customizing the Homepage Big Title, Buttons, and Parallax
Displaying Our Unique Features On The Homepage
  • Customizing the Homepage Features Section
Creating the About Us and Our Team Sections
  • Creating the About Us and Our Team Section
Adding An Awesome Contact Us Form, a Beautiful Background Image & Testimonials
  • Adding the Testimonials section, Contact Us & Background Image
Creating Your Blog Posts Like a Pro and Making The Sidebar Look Pretty
  • Creating Blog Posts and Updating the Sidebar
Creating Your Website Pages In Just A Few Clicks
  • Creating Your Website Pages Like a Pro
Well Done! You Did It!
  • Well Done! We've Reached the End. Please Rate The Course - Thanks