Introduction to Amazon FBA and selling strategies
  • Introduction
  • How selling on Amazon works - Selling strategies, FBA, FBM...
  • What is FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)? Advantages of launching brand through FBA
  • Amazon seller terminology 101
Register and setup your Amazon Seller Account the right way
  • Don’ts with Amazon Seller Account – Never Do These Newbie Mistakes - IMPORTANT!
  • Getting back in the game if your previous account was suspended
  • Opening & setting up your seller central account the best way
  • How to get paid if you are not from the USA
Using your Amazon seller account
  • What is the Buy Box?
  • How Amazon messaging works and which customer data you can receive
  • Where to source products
  • How to add a new product listing on Amazon & How to Create a Multipack Listing
  • How to label products for FBA
  • How to calculate exact profit margins using free Amazon FBA Calculator
  • How to send your inventory to Amazon FBA
  • Product Reviews vs. Seller Feedback
  • Selling on Amazon Basics
Additional lectures
  • Breakdown of Amazon marketplaces where FBA is available
  • Tools & Services for Amazon Sellers MASTER LIST
  • What to do next