Course Introduction and Overview
  • Why This Course? Why Now?
  • What is Ionic?
  • What is AngularJS?
  • What are Cordova, Node.js, Gulp, Sass, and Bower?
  • Firebase Realtime Databases
  • Goals, Structure, and Prerequisites Deep Dive
What We're Building!
  • stockMarketApp Overview
Getting Started with Ionic
  • Section Overview
  • Install Node.js, Ionic CLI, and Cordova
  • Ionic CLI Overview
  • Start a New Ionic Project and Set Up Your Development Environment
  • Create CodePen, Plunker, and JSFiddle Accounts
Start Building!
  • Deeper Dive into the Starter App's Code
  • Change App's Name and Metadata, Configure States, and Add Extra Dependencies
  • Configure the My Stocks and Stock View Templates
  • Section Summary
Use an API to Get Stock Market Data
  • Configure a Yahoo Finance API Request to Get a Stock's Price and Market Data
  • Bind Stock’s Data to the View and Add Static Charts
  • Add a URI Encoding Service and Implement a Date Time Service
  • Section Summary
Interactive Data-Driven Charting with NVD3 (d3.js) Data Visualization JS Library
  • Install Angular-NVD3 and Configure an Interactive Chart
  • Implement a Chart Data Service
  • Section Summary
Create a Custom Filter to Shrink Large Numbers
  • Section Overview
  • Implement a Numbers Filter
  • Section Summary
Style the Stock View
  • Section Overview
  • Style the Interactive Chart
  • Style the Button Bar, Subheader Bar, Header Bar, and Market Data Card
  • Section Summary
Add and Configure Caching with Angular-cache
  • Section Overview
  • Implement Caching of Stocks' Chart and Market Data
  • Section Summary
Add Notes Functionality
  • Configure an Ionic Popup
  • Implement Notes Functionality
  • Style the Notes Card and Note Popup
  • Section Summary
Add News Feed
  • Section Overview
  • Implement a News Feed
  • Style the News Card
  • Section Summary
Add Following and Unfollowing Stocks Functionality
  • Configure My Stocks Array Caching and Services
  • Implement Following and Unfollowing Stocks Functionality
  • Section Summary
Add Stock Searching Functionality
  • Section Overview
  • Create a Modal Service and Build Out a Modal View
  • Implement a Search Service
  • Style the Search Modal
  • Section Summary
Build Out the My Stocks State
  • Build Out the My Stocks View and Controller
  • Style the My Stocks View
  • Section Summary
Firebase Integration — User Authentication
  • Configure the Log In and Sign Up Modals
  • Implement User Log In and Sign Up with Firebase User Authentication
  • Section Summary
Firebase Integration — Read and Write Data to a Firebase Database
  • Writing Data to a Firebase Database
  • Reading Data from a Firebase Database
  • Section Summary
Finishing Touches — ngCordova, inAppBrowser and Build, Emulate, and Run the App
  • Install ngCordova and inAppBrowser, and Build, Emulate, and Run the App