Introducing the Course & Setting Up
  • Course Goals and Roadmap
  • Lab Project Overview
  • Course System Requirements
  • Course Materials
  • Getting Set Up
Getting Started with XQuery
  • Understanding XQuery
  • Setting up a Project
  • Using XQuery Editors
  • Creating and Running an XQuery Module
  • Describe and Use XQuery Syntax
  • Unit Review Questions
Writing XPath Expressions
  • Writing XPath Expressions
  • Using Namespaces
  • Using Predicates
  • Using Axes
  • Using Attributes
  • Text(), String(), and Axes Shortcuts
  • Unit Review Questions
Creating FLWOR Expressions
  • FLWOR Components and Requirements
  • Using FOR
  • Using LET
  • Using WHERE
  • Using ORDER BY
  • Unit Review Questions
Writing Conditional Expressions
  • Writing Conditional Expressions
  • Unit Review Questions
XQuery Functions and Operators
  • Understanding the XQuery Functions
  • Working with Node and String Functions
  • Working with Number and Date Functions
  • Unit Review Questions
Custom Functions
  • Creating a Local Function
  • Unit Review Questions
Library Modules
  • Creating and Using a Library Module
  • Unit Review Questions
  • A Single Host
  • A Clustered Architecture
  • Unit Review Questions
Loading Data
  • Using XQuery to Load Data
  • Using XQuery for Bulk Loads and Binaries
  • Using MarkLogic Content Pump
  • Deploy the Baseline Application
  • Unit Review Questions
Developing Search
  • Key Search Concepts
  • Filtered vs. Unfiltered Search
  • Using CTS and the Search API
  • Unit Review Questions
Working with Indexes
  • Key Indexing Concepts
  • Using Range Indexes
  • Using Word Query
  • Unit Review Questions
Geospatial Data and Search
  • Geospatial Apps and Indexes
  • Develop Geospatial Search Queries
  • Geocoding and Map Integration
  • Unit Review Questions
Building Search App Features
  • Snippets
  • Highlights
  • Sorting
  • Pagination
  • Unit Review Questions
Faceted Navigation
  • Implementing Facets
  • Unit Review Questions
  • MVCC and Performing Database Transactions
  • Commits in Single Statement Transactions
  • Unit Review Questions
  • Setting Application-Level Authentication
  • Roles and Users
  • Document Permissions
  • Execute and URI Privileges
  • Unit Review Questions
Building an Alternative Search UI
  • Create an Advanced Search Page with Autocomplete
  • Unit Review Questions
Error Handling and Logging
  • Working with the Logs
  • Using Try - Catch
  • Unit Review Questions
Course Conclusion
  • Wrap Up and Next Steps