Money Magnet Principles
  • The Foundation of This Course
  • Story Behind Your Instructor & This Course
  • Pillar #1: Money is Energy
  • Pillar #2: Money Comes From Self-Love
  • Pillar #3: Money Comes From Gratitude
  • Pillar #4: Let Go of the Beliefs That Get in the Way
What You Need to Know About the Energy of Money
  • The Energy of Money Surrounds You Now
  • The Actions You Take Are Not Important
  • The Energy of Money is Gentle & Nurturing
  • How to Open Yourself Up to Receive Money
  • Money Can Be Your Greatest Teacher
How to Become More Wealthy Through Self-Love
  • Channel Your Endless Love Onto Yourself
  • See Everything Through the Lens of Unconditional Love
  • Having Faith in Yourself is Self-Love
How to Become More Wealthy Through Gratitude
  • Gratitude is Your Natural State
  • Feel the Vibration of Peace Before You Have the Money
  • See the Beauty in Everything Now
  • Gratitude & Self-Love Compliment Each Other
How to Let Go of the Beliefs That Get in Your Way
  • What to Do When Self-Love & Gratitude Aren’t Working
  • The Power You Hold as the Observer
  • Look at Your Financial Situation with Detachment
  • Having the Courage & Faith to Be Different
Final Words
  • Congratulations! You Are the Money Magnet Right Now
Bonus: Free Book & Discounted Software
  • My Favorite Software (With Extended Trials)
  • Free Book: A Manual For Manifesting Your Dream Life
  • Need Help With Your Online Business?