• Introduction to the course
Drafting your sections
  • Get your course goals
  • Quick Win Activity: Grab your course goal worksheet
  • Turn your goals into sections
  • Order your sections
  • Activity: Turn your goals into sections
Deciding on your outline template
  • Section components
  • What you need in an outline template
  • Examples: Instructor outlines
  • Activity: Create your outline template
The beginning of your course
  • The three parts of a course
  • The first 15 minutes
  • Plan your intro video
  • Plan a quick win
  • Examples: Quick win
  • Activity: Plan your first 15 minutes
The middle of your course
  • The heart of your course
  • Section intros and outros
  • Instructional lectures
  • Practice activities
  • Additional resources
  • Activity: Plan the heart of your course
The end of your course
  • The importance of a strong finish
  • Udemy Guidelines: Bonus lecture
  • Activity: Plan your strong finish
The final steps
  • Polish your outline
  • Strong section and lecture titles
  • Choose the right lecture format
  • Review your outline
  • Activity: Polish your outline
  • Activity: Get feedback!
Congratulations, your outline is complete!
  • How to celebrate! :)