• Alphabet Introduction
  • The alphabet song
  • Letters MTK are the same!
  • "A" - the first letter
Pronounce all letters correctly and learn vocabulary
  • Rule #1: voiced and devoiced consonants, Rule #2 hard and soft consonants, "Б"..
  • "В", "Г", "Д" letters
  • Letters "Е" and "Ё". What are the iotated vowels?
  • "Ж" - and other always hard consonants. "З" - "Н"
  • "O" - stressed and non-stressed. "П" - "Х"
  • "Ц", "Ч", "Ш", "Щ" - the difficult ones
  • "Ъ and "Ь" - how everything changes with hard and soft sign
  • "Ы", "Э", "Ю", "Я" - the last and the difficult ones
  • Summary of all rules