• Introduction Video (Trailer)
  • Welcome! Please introduce yourself!
  • What is This Course All About
  • What is Couchsurfing?
  • The Most Important Question: Is CouchSurfing Safe?
  • How To Create Amazing Memories & Enrich Your Life Perspective with CouchSurfing
  • Does CouchSurfing Cost You Money and Is It For You?
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About SEX on CouchSurfing But Was Afraid to Ask
  • Introduce Yourself! Get Connected with Other Students
Creating an Outstanding CouchSurfing Profile
  • The First Thing People Will Check About You on CouchSurfing
  • Creating Your Profile From Scratch to 100%
  • Action 1: Create Your Profile Right Now (10% Completion)
  • How to Describe Yourself and Bring your Profile to 40% Completion
  • Action 2: Start with Your Description And Bring Your Profile to 40%
  • The Importance of uploading Your First Pictures. What and Why?
  • Action 3: Upload At Least 2 Pictures
  • Three Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Profile
  • How to Make Your Profile Really Outstanding in Five Steps.
  • Action 4: Make Your Profile Outstanding!
  • Action 5: Share Your Profile in Our Facebook Group!
Getting Your First Reference Experience
  • How To Get Your First CouchSurfing Experience Before You Ever Travelled.
  • Three Simple Ways to Get Your First References
  • How to Get In Touch with A Local CouchSurfer
  • How to Surf Properly? How To Find a Safe and Reliable Host
  • How to Look For a Host. Learn How The CouchSearch Works.
  • Four Safety Tips: How To Make Sure That Your Host Is Safe & Reliable
  • How to Find an Amazing Host. What To Look For?
  • Action: Go Online and Start looking for Your Host
The Irresistible Couch Request
  • What I learned from 100 Couch Requests per Day
  • Five Biggest Mistakes When Writing a Request
  • Three Tips for Writing a Great Request
  • The BEST Advice! Making Your Request Personal
  • The Big Secret: How You Can Really STAND OUT on Couch Surfing
  • What To Do With Last Minute Cancellations?
  • Action: Write Your First Couch Request
The CouchSurfing Experience Itself
  • Congratulations! You've Got a Couch - What's Next?
  • The Basic Logistics: Direction and Contacts. How to Reach Your Host.
  • Where Do You Sleep? On the couch? On the ground? In a Five star room?
  • Do I Get My Own Pair Of Keys From The Apartment? Or?
  • How to Have a Memorable Experience With Your Host
  • How to Be a Great Guest and Give Back
  • A Great or A Bad Experience with CouchSurfing- Let the World Know It.