Getting Set Up
  • What We'll Be Building
  • Running and Installing Python (Linux)
  • Running and Installing Python (Windows and Mac)
  • Installing Pip and the libraries we'll be using
  • Libraries Quiz
  • How I'll Be Editing Our Code
  • One Last Thing (GitHub Code)
The Fun Stuff!
  • Getting Started with Wolfram Alpha
  • Coding Wolfram API Into Our Application
  • Using Wikipedia Documentation
  • Building an Example Project With The Wikipedia API
  • Advanced Features in The Wikipedia API
  • Combining Wolfram Alpha With Wikipedia
  • Reminder
Creating the User Interface
  • Adding The GUI
  • What Is A GUI?
  • Making The GUI Dynamic
  • Fixing A Minor Bug
  • Congratulations!
Optional Additions To Our Application
  • Making Our Application Talk With Espeak
  • Speech Recognition Pt 1
  • Speech Recognition Pt 2
Thank You!
  • BONUS Lecture: What's Next?
  • Updated Version of This Course