• Introduction- Pay Per Call / Lead In a Nutshell.
  • Switching to pay per call/lead for your agency
  • Monthly Cost / How much does it cost to start ?
Criteria for choosing a profitable niche / What qualifies as a lead
  • Choosing a niche for your agency
  • How to Qualify A Lead For Your Client
  • How to Qualify a potential client for your PPC agency? Are they a fit for you?
Client Acquisition
  • Finding potential clients for your agency with D7 lead finder
  • How to upload contacts from D7lead finder to Sendgrid
  • Analyzing the cold email campaign results. Who to follow up with next.
  • Using Loom to follow up with contacts.
  • What to do when a potential client says " Let me think about it"
  • Tips and guidlines to follow when charging your clients
Active Easy Prospecting
  • How to activley prospect and do outreach using this chrome extension
How to do keyword research for your first client.
  • How to use spyfu to gain an edge on your competition and help your client
What are Google Call-only Ads and how do they work
  • Google Call only ads intro
  • How To Create Google Call Ads + Tips On Bidding
  • Google Call Ads
Bonus material-Email copy that works
  • Your first email copy