Sensu's Architecture
  • Introduction
  • What the heck is Sensu and how does it work?
  • Why Should I Care About Sensu?
  • Check your understanding of how Sensu really works
Setup Sensu From Scratch
  • Setup and Configuring RabbitMQ
  • Installing Redis
  • Installing Sensu
  • What talks to what here?
Get a Client Going And See it In The Dashboard
  • Configuring and starting the Sensu Client
  • Installing Uchiwa - The Sensu Dashboard
  • Tinkering with Clients and Checks in Uchiwa
  • Test Your Uchiwa Understanding
Making Sensu Do Something Useful - Beyond the Docs
  • Adding a Real Handler
  • Adding a Real Check
  • Adding Checks and Handlers
Conclusion + Further Reading + Bonus
  • Open Source vs Enterprise
  • Evaluating the Open Source versus Enterprise Edition versions of Sensu
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus Lecture: Intermediate Topics