Welcome to the course!
  • Welcome to the Google Ads / Adwords course
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How Google Ads / Adwords works
  • How does Google Ads Adwords works?
  • Examples of Ads that we are creating
Starting with Google Ads / Adwords
  • Setting up your Ads/Adwords Account
  • Exploring the Ads/Adwords Interface
Finding the BEST keywords for your Business
  • Finding the best Keywords for your Business with Google Keyword Planner
Creating your Google Ads/Adwords campaign
  • Creating a Google Ads / Adwords Search Campaign
  • Selecting your Audience
  • Choosing your Bid settings for Google Ads / Adwords
  • Creating an Ad group and Adding Keywords
  • Finalizing your Google Ads campaign
Managing your Campaign and Analytics
  • Managing your Google Ads Campaigns and Analytics
Creating a YouTube Ad with Google Ads / Adwords
  • Creating a YouTube Ad with Google Ads / Adwords
Putting into action!
  • Create a Google Ads campaign
  • Congratulations! Your Next Steps
  • Bonus Lecture